H20 Halal World Forum 2023 Produces Communiqué to Strengthen the Global Halal Ecosystem

2024-01-30 20:56

Jakarta (BPJPH) --

  - The Halal 20 Halal World 2023 event was officially closed on the fourth day producing a joint communique agreed upon by all H20 delegates from 41 countries. The Head of BPJPH, Muhammad Aqil Irham, said that H20 2023 forum resulted a communiqué that contained seven important points of agreement in growing and strengthening the global halal product ecosystem.

"Today on 4th day, the H20 forum produced a Communiqué as a joint agreement containing 7 important points of agreement in growing and strengthening the global halal product ecosystem." said Aqil after closing the H20 event at the BPJPH Office, Monday (20/11/2023), in East Jakarta.

"Achieving this communiqué is a strategic step in our joint efforts to develop the industrial ecosystem and halal products to make them more productive and bring benefits to all." Aqil continued.

The Communiqué of the H20 2023 forum was read by the Chief Officer of the American Halal Foundation (AHF) James Chambers. The 7 points of the communique are:

  1. We on behalf of the H20 Forum are dedicated to using Halal products as a bridge to unite people around the world. Our commitment goes beyond business it is about fostering global trust and unity. We aim to elevate halal products as a new standard of excellence globally. Our focus is on innovation and quality, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

  2. H20's vision is to grow the global halal ecosystem. We believe that the process of establishing universal halal standards requires multidimensional efforts including fiqih, and understanding social and cultural differences. It's not just about the product; it's about creating a harmonious environment that respects and upholds Halal principles.

  3. Our commitment is firm to strengthen the H20 Forum. We aim to encourage open dialogue, learning and collaboration among global halal industry stakeholders to create an exciting and dynamic space. Our joint efforts are directed towards developing and implementing universal halal standards, a step that promises sustainability and widespread recognition in the industry. These efforts reflect our shared vision for a future where excellence in halal product assurance practices is globally recognised and uniformly implemented.

  4. We hope to work closely together to ensure everyone recognises our halal certificate. By working together, we can make the halal certification process more consistent and easier for everyone involved.

  5. We extend an open invitation to business actors throughout the world to join the Halal ecosystem. This is an opportunity to enter the trillion-dollar halal market and offer consumers a wider choice of halal products while benefiting from this growing sector.

  6. BPJPH's latest initiative to develop SiHalal, a software application compatible with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain technology, marks significant progress in this area. We believe this innovation is not only a testament to their commitment to progress but also serves as an ideal foundation for creating a global halal platform. The platform can function as a forum, aggregator or central hub, integrating similar applications from different countries and encouraging international collaboration and exchange in the sector.

  7. We are very grateful to BPJPH for its extraordinary work in organizing the H20 Halal World Summit over the past two years. BPJPH's commitment and hard work have played an important role in uniting countries around the world, creating a space for cooperation. We are excited to start a new phase for H20. In keeping with the spirit of the G20, every year a different country will host the summit. I am pleased to announce that Brazil will welcome us to the Halal World Summit 2024. It will be a dynamic and rewarding event. It is encouraging to think about the many opportunities that Brazil will present to businesses, industry leaders and other key players in the halal economy. We are looking forward to a unique and rewarding experience at the Halal World Summit 2024 in Brazil. []